"We create the buzz Japanese style"

Mid Pacific Network can expand your International Sales, primarily at the outset to Japan. Japan has eluded many International high tech companies. But it can be reached.

The culture and business environment is so completely different to most other countries that many companies continually fail in their efforts to penetrate and successfully obtain mind share in this quickly growing marketplace. Despite all the recent information about Japanís woes it is still the 2nd largest technology market in the world and has money to invest.

Our principals have a total of twenty-five years experience defining and developing successful software, hardware and technology markets in Japan for US product. We have had to redefine some of the "acceptable Japanese rules" on the way to our success.

Japanese business can be a great asset to any International company but also it can be a great resource drain with little or no profitable results unless managed correctly. Over the years we have seen wonderful products languish because of some undefined and unreported "bad feeling". We have removed these blocks to sales, and pushed the products to success with a focused marketing effort including public relations, trade shows, product support, product positioning, company positioning, product localization and advertising.

In Japan a focused marketing and Public Relations strategy is an innovation. It just was not normal practice to conduct business based on PR and marketing but it worked beyond our expectations every time. We combine the best practices of public relations and marketing in the United States with the cultural needs of Japan to deliver a unique hybrid method of doing business in Japan.

We hope that the above synopsis strikes a chord we can be reached at:
408 868 4062 · 408 829 4770